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Imports duties in the country:

The import duties are the same within the European Union and are determined by the Common Customs Tariff established according to the 952/2013 Regulation. The same duties are applied both in France and in Italy.

For horses imports, you will need an equine passport and a veterinary certificate.

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Missions carried out

The UNIC referent on site

Isabelle Jaucen

Isabelle has graduated from the “Centre d’Enseignement Zootechnique de Rambouillet” where she took part in the first private inseminator training program. Then she worked as a jumping rider for different sport horses dealers and especially for Mr Yves Lemaire (FENCES auctions). As a young horses rider, she started to manage the Adriers breeding farm and then became Vulsain Stud Farm’s trade manager before moving to Italy (for 13 years) to start coaching, ride young horses and manage a private stable.

As a Selle-Français Stud-Book correspondent in Italy since 2010, Isabelle manages the technical translations for the Stud-Book and the IFCE and the connection with specialized medias (advertisements/translations). She informs Italian breeders and owners on every technical matter, welcomes Italian delegations during French events, horse purchasing and breeding farms visits. Also judge in breeding competitions, Isabelle works in close collaboration with Thierry Merel and shortly, she will extend her actions to Switzerland and other southern countries (Spain, Portugal, Maghreb).

Thierry Merel

Thierry Merel is the UNIC’s local correspondent based in Italy. His presence and work during the Fieracavalli Horse Fair offers a solid local network to the French exhibiting companies under UNIC’s supervision. Thierry facilitates the connection between the Italian contacts interested in the French horse industry and the UNIC. Thanks to his presence, we keep a strong link with the Italian market all along the year and we are able to inform anyone in Italy wishing to know about genetics, training programs and sport horses & ponies.

This collaboration encourages the creation of a commercial network for the French professionals in Italy and reinforces the exchanges with the Italian horse dealers, the main commercial vectors for UNIC to reach a wider audience.

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