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Imports duties in the country:

The import duties are the same within the European Union and are determined by the Common Customs Tariff established according to the 952/2013 Regulation. The same duties are applied both in France and Germany.

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The UNIC referent on site

Emilie Loisel

Born in Normandy, Emilie started to enjoy horse-riding at 11 years old. While studying a BTS diploma “Production Animale”, she trained in Tamerville Stud farm, at Denis Brohier’s, and graduated as a riding-horse teacher. Thereafter, she decided to work on her own as a young horses rider. After 6-7 years as a self-employed, Emilie had new ambitions. At the moment, she has been living in Germany for 5 years where she still rides young horses she brings to competitions under the French colours.

As a Selle-Français Stud-Book correspondent, Emilie now creates direct connections between France, Germany and other countries from northern and eastern parts of Europe. She is the interlocutor of the foreign customers interested in buying French horses but also of the delegations coming from northern and eastern Europe interested in the French horse industry.

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