Exchange rate

1 EGP = 0,1008 EUR & 1 EUR = 9,9232 EGP

Time difference

No time difference in the summer and -1 hour in the winter

Flight hours


Imports duties in the country:

Customs duty
Customs duty
Goods & services tax
Sport and breeding horses 0% 5%
Semen 0% 2% 10%
Saddlery and leather articles 4,5% 30% 10%
Textile 4,5% 30% 10%
Food 0% 0% or 5%
Veterinary products 0% 2%, 5% or 10% 10%

* MFN : Most Favoured Nation

Missions carried out

The UNIC referent on site

Khaled Assem

International rider, General Manager of many companies including Equicare saddlery and the new Platinium equestrian complex, Khaled Assem is also the General Manager of the Egyptian magazine “Horse Time”, first equestrian sports magazine broadcasted all around the Middle East. Noteworthy fact, during the 2014 World Equestrian Games in Normandy, Khaled Assem received the famous and precious accreditation “Media Ambassador”.

Few years ago, he stayed in France during his equestrian training and learnt how to appreciate horses qualities and “French teaching methods”. Thanks to his experience, Khaled Assem is a key contact for anyone wishing to develop his activities with Egypt.

Frenchies in this country